Welcome to Yuan Lab

Yuan Lab, the environmental nanotechnology & biotechnology laboratory, is a part of School of Environmental Science & Engineering, Shandong University. Our group focuses on the crossroads of nanotechnology, biotechnology and engineering. We use multidisciplinary approaches to solve a variety of fundamental and problem-driven research questions related to water pollution control, resouce & energy recovery, sustainalbe agriculture and environmental friendly nanotechnology.

Latest News

-New paper “In situ cross-linking construction of 3D mesoporous bimetallic phosphide-in-carbon superstructure with atomic interface toward enhanced sodium ion storage performance” has been accepted for publication in Chemical Engineering Journal.

-New paper “Insights on the inhibition of anaerobic digestion performances under short-term exposure of metal-doped nanoplastics via Methanosarcina acetivorans” has been accepted for publication in Environmental Pollution.

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