Environmental Nanotechnology

We apply fundamental chemical and biological principles to understand the behavior of nanomaterials in complex environmental matrices. We try to find “safer-by-design” approaches for water treatment and agricultural sustainability.  

·Nanotehcnology for the water-energy-agruculture Nexus
·Fate and behavior of nanomaterials in aquatic and terrestrial environments

On-going projects

·NSFC Project: Environmental behaviors and ecological effects of microplastic complexes in coastal zone
·NSFC Project: Construction of Titanium dioxide nano-heterogeneous interface and its synergistic mechanism in sodium ion battery
·China Major Science and Technology Program for Water Pollution Control and Treatment

Environmental Biotechnology

We apply omics and synthetic biology to address the interaction of emerging contaminants (ECs) and organisms, including bacteria, archaea and plants. We try to determine the environmental damage of ECs and to make them more environmentally sustainable.

·Environmental impact of emerging contaminants on organisms in three domain system
·Interaction of emerging contaminants and bio-interfaces of living cell cultures

On-going projects

·NSFC Project: Growth mechanism and motion characteristics of bubbles in upflow anaerobic reactors
·Shandong Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars
·​Youth Interdisciplinary Science and Innovative Research Groups of Shandong University